Burning forests across the globe

The tropical forests seem to be burning at a extremely high level this year – worldwide!

In the Brazilian indigenous reserve of Arariboia is burning unstoppable since more than 4 weeks, the guardian reports here. It seems the fire was set on purpose due to the Agricultrual interests.

In Indonesia fires this year have released more CO2 than Germany’s industry. A very impressive report summarizes the research of the World Resources Institute linking the fire to palm oil plantations.

In this context: Who wants to make a beautiful map with Brazil’s public fires and protected areas? The satellite fire foci are downloadable here in shapefile format. Spatial boundaries of protected reserves are available for example here from the Ministry for Environment (MMA).

Please be invited to feel free to comment on these two reports!


One thought on “Burning forests across the globe

  1. It is good that we put this news more in the open! I feel it is being skipped by most broadcasting companies. I am looking forward to this map combining the hot spots and protected areas. Nice job, Elias!

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