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Dear reader,

We are happy to open our new Blog about environmental policies in the tropics with an interesting Video showing the spatial evolution of protected areas in Brazil from 1920 to 2012. We created this video to visualize the efforts undertaken by the Brazilian government, NGOs and research institutes from all over the world to curb deforestation in one of the most dynamical agricultural frontiers of the world. Studies show that the establishment of protected areas was key to control deforestation in the Brazilian Amazon, where yearly rates of forest clear-cut dropped since 2005. Furthermore the demarcation of indigenous territories helped to preserve the habitat of traditional communities and avoid conflicts over land use.

Although this video shows impressive advances regarding the total size of protected areas, big challenges still remain to achieve long term sustainability of the undertaken efforts. These challenges comprise the management of established areas and the recovery of degraded land as well as the endorsement of sustainable income alternatives that balance ecological needs and socio-economic development in the region.

Our blog informs you about developments in tropical forest protection from all over the world but with an emphasis on the Amazon region. We are a team of researchers hosted at the Center for Development Research with field experience in Brazil, Peru and Bolivia. If you are interested in our work on environmental policies you can visit our project website or enjoy the upcoming posts on Blogazonia.

Your EP Research Team

You can download the video here.

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